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Kristin Rose

My name is Kristin and I am here to guide you on your journey of spiritual reclamation. Using personalized mentorship, flower essences, and spiritual healing practices, I will walk hand in hand with you to claim the highest version of yourself.

I specialize in exploring feminine and masculine energies, flower essences, yoga, meditation and spiritual self connection. Guiding you back home to your-self is my highest honor. It is my priority to make this space inclusive. All are welcome here.

I am a 500 hour certified yoga teacher, and I love weaving the philosophy of yoga through all of my teachings. I am an eternal student, deepening my knowledge and teachings on rose devotion, feminine and masculine polarity and communication, sacred feminine mysteries, flower essences and Jungian dream analysis.

I am a collector of crystals, a dog mom, gardener, and an avid reader. My life is a devotion to love and beauty. Serving the community through White Wolf Wellness is my hearts song.




Illustration of a Rose

1:1 sessions utilizing flower essences, personalized support, integration practices and weekly live calls. also includes 1:1 dream sessions.

Work With Me

chakra healing, guided meditation, sound healing, yoga nidra, and mystical guided journeys. I also offer flower essences and herbal teas.

Illustration of a Rose
Illustration of a Rose

personalized tea ceremonies of blue lotus sacred intuition, or rose heart sacred love.

Illustration of a Rose

personalized private yoga and meditation sessions, 1:1 or small group

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About Flower Essences

Flower essences are the energetic vibrations of a flower. They are made by soaking flowers in water under the moon or the sun, so that the water absorbs the energy of the flower. Different flower essences attune to different chakras, emotions and points in the body to encourage healing, release and spiritual renewal.

In order to get the most out of working with flower essences, I encourage you to remain connected to your flower by doing daily devotional meditation, affirmations and journaling.

To learn more about flower essences, apply below for Healing With Flowers, my signature 1:1 program.

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In order to make my work more accessible, I offer two pay-what-you-can sessions per month. These sessions can be mini coaching sessions, flower essence guidance, yoga, meditation or any other spiritual healing work.

Priority is given to LGBTQ+, BIPOC, trauma survivors and disabled folks, but everyone is encouraged to apply. First come, first serve.

To inquire about affordable pricing for long term 1:1 work, contact me.

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